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Christmas Lighting Product Options

Professional Christmas Lighting Product Options

Winter Illuminations offers professional holiday products to home owners and businesses that prefer quality long lasting lights that can be used for multiple seasons. Our energy efficient lights are designed to provide at least three years of holiday sparkle, while most retail store economy lights are only designed to last one season.

Classic Roof Lights

We specifically custom fit lights for each property for clean and tidy installations.  Green and white wire options are available.

Uses 1/5 the electricity of most retail store lights!

Roof lights are available in many colors and beautiful themes.  Clear C7 lights are classy and most popular.  However, we embrace the freadom of creativity.  We also offer both regular classic lights and LED Christmas lights.

Color Options:
Clear · Green · Amber · Blue · Purple · Red · Ceramic Orange · Ceramic Blue · Ceramic Red · Ceramic Green · Ceramic White

Super Mini Lights

The Super Mini features a quality 10,000 hour filament that lasts nearly ten times longer than retail store lights.

Super Mini lights are available in many colors and themes.  Clear lights are most popular and are typically available in inventory.  If you know you would like a specific color, please contact us early in the season so we can place an order.  We do not charge extra for custom orders.

Clear · Green · Amber · Blue · Purple · Red · Pink


Christmas · Ice · Wine · Fire · Poppy · White · Frost · Majestic · Multi

For the 2009 season, Winter Illuminations is only providing installation services in Kansas City and surrounding Johnson County suburbs of Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, Lenexa, and Shawnee as well as Folsom and Arden Park areas in Sacramento.
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What Others Are Saying

Winter Illuminations constantly executes stunning work and detail in the holiday light placement on my home. It is wonderful to drive up and to see the brightly illuminated blue and white bulbs which we use. The associates that work there, take the time and do the utmost job in ensuring quality and satisfaction. Winter Illuminations, help to make the Holidays even brighter! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

JW Overland Park Kansas

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