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Pictures of Christmas Lights

Looking for professional pictures of Christmas lights for some classy Christmas lighting design ideas?  In addition to the pictures in our Gallery, check out these Christmas lighting images and pictures.

Christmas Light Installation Kansas City, MO

These images published with permission courtesy of Village Lighting Company

Winter Illuminations is a professional Christmas lighting installation company in Kansas City and select locations around the country.  We specialize in fine homes and light commercial contracting.

If you have found other pictures of professional Christmas lights that you like on other sites, please post a link on the comments so long as it is not a competitor in Kansas City or one of our other licensed territories.

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What Others Are Saying

Winter Illuminations constantly executes stunning work and detail in the holiday light placement on my home. It is wonderful to drive up and to see the brightly illuminated blue and white bulbs which we use. The associates that work there, take the time and do the utmost job in ensuring quality and satisfaction. Winter Illuminations, help to make the Holidays even brighter! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

JW Overland Park Kansas

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